Birmingham Pregnancy Concierge

Birmingham Pregnancy Concierge

As an expecting mother, you deserve to be pampered, allow me to take on any tasks, preparation, and coordinating to make your pregnancy as pleasant as possible.

My training as a doula and my personal organization can help better assist your journey to motherhood.

I will offer support and never judge your decisions but can coach you along the way.
See below some examples of what to expect

Pregnancy Concierge Features

$20 for initial consultation, packages will be created from there

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“I would definitely recommend hiring her. Erin is the sweetest mommy and one of the hardest, most compassionate workers I know. She truly has a passion for being a doula, and her personality fits the need so well. She’s empathic, comforting and non-judgemental; it’s so easy to get to know her and trust that she cares about your pregnancy and will take care of you. I wouldn’t have made it through my pregnancy without her. She was full of knowledge that she had no problem sharing with me. I went to her with all of my questions! She is the best, and I know without a doubt that you and your family will love her!” -Genessa B.
“Throughout my entire pregnancy, preeclampsia, emergent induced labor and ultimately c-section.. with Erin, I always felt that I had an unbiased barrier between myself and everyone else. When my head was spinning moments before I was taken to the OR, she was the only one who grabbed my hands to say a prayer over my son and I. It gave me the peace that I desperately needed” -Desi P.
“Erin was an amazing source of support for me from day one! I am so glad our paths crossed and I know it was all meant to be. She never felt like a stranger and I wouldn’t have thought she was new to this!” -Tiffany C.