Why Every Expecting Mother Needs a Pregnancy Concierge

Birmingham Pregnancy Concierge

What comes to mind when you think of the word concierge? For me, it’s a hotel attendant that gives guests information on local attractions, the actual definition is someone employed to help arrange things.
There’s an up & coming role of concierge services where individuals are taking their niches and providing hands on professional assistance to customers so they can better invest their time and energy in other areas.

I am a firm believer in pampering pregnant women as they’re about to be thrown into the role of new mother before they know it, a role that can be very intimidating. Forty weeks, give or take, might feel like forever to a woman waiting to meet her precious baby, but that time actually flies by at a rapid speed. Her main concern should be enjoying the pregnancy with as little to worry about as possible.
Who better to assist the expecting mother than someone familiar with local & online resources and trained on pregnancy assistance, someone keeping up with evidence based health information and current trends of all things baby?

Birmingham Pregnancy Concierge

Sometimes decisions are easier made and followed through on when it’s a business interaction where offenses can’t be made.
Growing a human is exhausting, why not get a pedicure while a trained professional does the busy work. Let them refer the best prenatal massage while the concierge finds the best deal on a car seat. They’ll know a great photographer, while mom and her partner have their maternity session, she can shop every antique store for vintage nursery decor.

Birmingham Pregnancy Concierge

So much is available at our fingertips with the help of the internet but some things just can’t compare to the personal help of an individual.

Here’s a list of features moms can expect in hiring a pregnancy concierge;
Resources (local & online)
Hospital information
Personal shopping
Birth & postpartum plans
Hospital bag preparation
Baby Registry assistance
Nursery Design & decoration
Babymoon planning
Baby gear budgeting
Meal prep for after baby
Baby shower coordinating
Breastfeeding support
Minor tasks can be exhausting when pregnant so why not have someone else lend in a hand, especially if that someone has a passion for pregnancy, birth, and the oh so confusing 4th trimester.

Birmingham Pregnancy Concierge

If you’re in the Birmingham (or surrounding areas) of Alabama, check out my Pregnancy Concierge page for more on how I can help assist your pregnancy

Birmingham Pregnancy Concierge
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