Preparing for Baby, What Not to Get

Baby planning

There’s tons of articles out there on the perfect items to register for or what to stock up on before baby comes but I’m here to save you some time and money on what not to get. 

I’m more trying to emphasize that you get these items in moderation as babies are on to their next phase almost as quickly as it took to get to the one prior. I know it’s tempting when baby stuff is so darn cute and we all want the most styling little one on the block but sometimes money is better spent on other things.

Please know these are tips I’ve learned from my own experiences and every child is different, so you may have/had a situation that’s not the same as mine which is totally fine. In the mom world it’s all about helping a sister out.

1. Shoes

When I found out we were having a girl I became a madwoman wanting to buy all kinds of girl clothes, bows, and especially shoes. I visualized having them all on display in her closet and that she’d wear them all the time and it’d be so precious. What I didn’t know is baby shoes for babies under a year old are a guesstimate in size, sure they’ll say “0-3 months” or something like that but baby feet are so tiny, it’s hard to find shoes that actually fit their feet. The moccasins especially are weird sizes, I had gotten a few pairs for Mia that would fit her foot length wise but could hold a whole other foot in there width wise. I still shed a tear some days when I’m sorting through her things and find a cute pair of teensy shoes I spent money on that she never wore.  Socks or footed pants were worn way more than shoes. Once she started cruising and walking was when she started wearing them more, which by then the sizes make much more sense.

2. Teething Toys

I don’t have anything against Soffee the giraffe but the fact that $30 was spent on a chew toy for my child that never chewed on it also makes me want to cry. My advice for teething toys is to wait until you’re to that point and feel out how your child is. They may want something like a Soffee giraffe or they may want a gel teether that can be cooled off in the fridge. Someone had gifted us at our baby tea with those mesh things you put frozen fruit in and Mia LOVED them but another baby may not be into them. I would stick to what you’re given and wait on getting anything else.

3. Full Price Special Occasion Apparel

Thankfully this is something I thought about ahead of time as the area I live in does these big consignment sales twice a year, in the spring and the fall. At the fall sale I stocked up on all the cute Christmas outfits I could find, which combined would have cost what one probably did brand new. They were still in good condition cause babies only wear those once or twice so dropping too much money on them is pretty wasteful. There’s also an actual children’s consignment store near us that I go to when in a pinch for something unique like for pictures or an event. If you don’t live near any of these, there’s still the internet, you can check trading sites or eBay for a good deal.


So as for the things TO stock up on before baby, I’d suggest coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

What did you end up buying too much of for your kiddos, let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Preparing for Baby, What Not to Get”

  1. Yes!! I so agree with these!! Shoes for infants might be cute, but for the most part are pretty pointless. I kind of feel like for all three things you talk about if you just wanted to get one for the sake of pictures then you’re golden.

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