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Melissa and Doug

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We all have that one thing (or a few things) that we can be particular about when it comes to brands. I personally can use store brand products like Mayonnaise or paper towels and thankfully I married someone who can also.

Even though Mia is still younger than 2, I feel like we’ve discovered the Holy Grail of toy brands and that brand is Melissa & Doug. Maybe Chris has spoiled me by making majority of our furniture himself so that could be my excuse for having a love of wooden toys for my child.

The toys at Melissa & Doug have a solid, hand made look that I know will last in the toy box for a long time. What’s great about their products is they provide baby friendly toys and the steps up from there to late childhood. We’ve been buying Mia their brand before she was even crawling and I know we’ll be able to keep using them for years to come.

Another great reason I love them so much is they’re extremely reasonably priced. Anyone that knows me knows I love a good deal which is what their products are but for a really great quality. Their website also provides free shipping on orders of $49.00 or more, I have a link provided at the end of the post.

This past Christmas Mia got a play kitchen and lots of Melissa & Doug toys to go with it (thanks Meme & Pappy!) See pictures below on some of the stuff she got

Melissa and Doug






You can click this image below to view more of their products, if anyone wants the link to a specific set, comment your email and the set you’re interested in and I’ll send you the direct link.


Melissa and Doug

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  1. My kiddos love love love the Melissa and Doug food cutting tray. I just wish it came with 2 knives because they fight over the knife all day. Guess I’ll just need another set! I agree. There stuff is awesome!

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