Travel Guide for Broke People

I almost titled this, Vacationing on a Budget but I feel like that wouldn’t get my point across in the same way. Let me explain..

Topics are constantly trending on the internet and social media, there’s no denying that. Right now you probably have a ton of New Year’s resolution posts filling up your newsfeed, which is understandable. No one’s going to be sharing Halloween related information in January.

I’m in a few blogging support groups on Facebook and someone mentioned a schedule of what’s trending at certain times of the year so people can know how to direct their posts.

I was honestly surprised by a topic that’s popular in the beginning of the year, travel. Apparently after Christmas is a popular time for people to book trips to prevent any kind of “holiday blues”. Winter can be difficult to get through, there’s less daylight and frigid weather, which makes me understand why people would shift their focus to something exciting.

The reason I was so surprised at this is, who can afford to book a big trip right after the holidays? Maybe that’s why I get so disgusted in department stores when bikinis are out on display and we’re all still layered up from the cold. Those stores are marketing to the people planning ahead for their vacation.

Anyone who has saved up for a trip now or has enough funds left after buying tons of gifts, I applaud you, but I doubt you’re reading this article.

So for those of you like me who are surprised and a little annoyed that people will be taking lavish vacations soon, here’s some tips for joining in on the fun without spending too much money.

-Google nearby attractions


Whatever state you live in is bound to have some kind of cool park, restaurant, or individual facility that differs from a usual place you would go to. Even if you’re having to drive a few hours, that adds to the excitement. There’s a town about an hour and a half from where I live that has an aquatic center that I plan on taking my daughter to this summer. Is it as big as an actual water park, no; will we be saving money, yes.
Another perk of Google is Google Earth, when I found this aquatic center, I searched through the whole town and found a cute little downtown area that has restaurants and antique shops. So it’ll be fun for both she and I, but we won’t be buying plane tickets or even a hotel room.

-See what’s going on downtown


If you live near a big-ish city see if any events are going on downtown like food festivals, farmer’s markets, craft shows, etc.
If you don’t normally frequent the city you’ll be surprised by what all is available. If you do live in the city, apply the opposite and go outside of what you’re used to by packing a picnic or going camping. Sometimes just a change in scenery can satisfy that need to get away

-Stay with family


If you have family who live near where you’ve been wanting to visit, or anywhere out of state in general, see if you can stay with them to avoid hotel costs. Being locals, they’ll know great places to check out.

-Dress it up


Even if you’re just taking a day trip somewhere, that doesn’t mean it’s not a photo worthy opportunity. Bring some extra accessories to play around with. Who knows, you might get some great Instagram pictures and be able to brag that you didn’t need a passport to get them

-Shop through a wholesale company
We booked our babymoon to Disney World through Costco and saved TONS of money. They bulk the trip together to include park hopper tickets, hotel rooms, plane tickets and a rental car. We only needed park tickets and hotel rooms since we could make the drive but it’s definitely worth it to include a flight and car. All of the hotels they offer provide shuttle service to the parks so that saves money by not having to park at the park.

My husband and I at Disney World in May 2016

Don’t let it bring you down if those around you are talking up their cruise or ski trip and definitely don’t lock yourself inside as a way to cope with it. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money to get out and have some fun. Trust me, I’m a huge introvert and I still think this is important.

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