What’s In a Name

Picking out a name can be daunting, you and your partner have to agree on what your child will potentially be called for the rest of their lives, given that a nickname doesn’t come along and ruin all of your hard work (kidding..slightly)
There’s so many factors involved in choosing a name for your child, will people be able to pronounce it or spell it, will they get made fun of, does it rhyme with something negative, will their be 3 other kids in their class with the same one, or do you choose to not care about any of those points.

There were so many names I’d suggest to my husband or he’d suggest to me that one of us knew someone with that name who were annoying in whatever way which tainted using that name. Some people name their children after another person whose been positive in their life, or with their son making him a junior.

Names can be trendy, especially if certain famous people call their child by something. I’m pretty sure there’s been a boom of what Joanna and Chip Gaines have named their children, which is totally fine.

I know some people who have waited until their baby was born to announce the name to eliminate any kind of negative judgment. Unfortunately every name out there has at least one person who doesn’t like it but that’s life, especially parenting, you have to look past opinions.
My biggest motivation behind names I like is the meaning or translation given to them.
I keep a list on my phone of names I like as soon as I come across them and what their meanings are.

When I was pregnant we wanted to narrow it down to a full boy’s name and a full girl’s name so that once we found out what we were having we’d start calling the little bub by that name. There are people who want to wait until they meet their babies and decide what fits their personality, which is totally great too. Again, it’s what floats your boat.

For us girl names were hardest to agree on. I had come across the name Evelyn somewhere online which means life but felt like it was more of a middle name. I had found out also that it was my grandmother’s middle name who had passed away when I was a teenager, for some reason I never knew that was her middle name. Chris thankfully liked Evelyn too so now we just needed to agree on the first name.

He had joked not long before the gender ultrasound about the name Miriam in relation to the prophet in the Bible but I didn’t care for that one. After much googling, I found that Mia is derived from Miriam and in some translations means “wished for child”.
Anyone who’s read my post Our Fertility Story (linked here) knows it took us a lot longer than we expected to get pregnant so I LOVED the name Mia.

I’ve been reading the book 65 Promises from God for your Child by Mike Shreve. He says something that shook me as a parent but in a good way, that,

“Speaking negatively over your children is actually a way of cursing them..Even if your kids are stubborn and disrespectful, don’t reinforce the negative by making statements such as, ‘my children stress me out.’ ‘My children are so rebellious.’ Parents who repeatedly say, or even think, these things tend to weave a very dark, threefold cord around their own hearts- a cord of doubt, despair, and rage. Rid yourself of these binding attitudes right now and weave the opposite. A Zig Zaglar said ‘when you put faith, hope, and love together, you can raise positive kids in a negative world.’ Start by being positive yourself and by boldly confessing God‘s will for your children.”


Having a little girl, even though she is still under 2 years old makes me want to call her dramatic or bratty sometimes but I remember these words Shreve said and I think back to why we chose her name, Mia Evelyn, wished for child of life and reprimand my thoughts and tone that I have in that moment. Some days are harder than others to adjust my mind but I’m thankful that I’ve been given this advice early on so I can train myself to speak blessings over her. Even when she’s screaming in the checkout line of the grocery store or deliberately throwing all of her dinner to the dog, those moments pass and move on but my words can speak life or death, the names I give her can harvest into who she becomes as a person.

What factors did you include when naming your children? Do they still go by what is on their birth certificate or has a nickname taken over?

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2 thoughts on “What’s In a Name”

  1. I think it’s so important to embrace the the individuality of each child. I have a very strong willed child and sensitive child. One quote I recall when considering word-choice is “The way you speak to your child becomes their inner voice”. If we are telling them that they are rebellious and stressful, they will begin to believe it about themselves and eventually embrace it. Great read. Thanks, Darlin’.

  2. I also put a lot of emphasis on the meanings of my children’s names. The other thing I looked at was how universal the names were. When I had my kids, we lived in Quebec. So it was important that their names be easy for both English- and French-speakers to read and pronounce. But I took it a step beyond, and found names that had variations in several European languages (mainly Germanic & Romance languages.) This means the kids can travel, or even live and work in other countries without having to worry about others struggling over their names 🙂

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