The Truth About December 26

A few days ago my house was clean, my laundry was (basically) done, and there was lots of food in my refrigerator. None of that is true today as my living room is a minefield of toys, our laundry basket is overflowing, and the food has all been eaten. I’ve also probably gained about 5 pounds in the last week so there’s that.

I’m not saying this as though I’m at all regretting any holiday festivities, I thoroughly enjoyed the long weekend with family and getting to spend much more time with my husband than normal, I’m just getting this off my chest incase anyone else has it on theirs as well.

Christmas time can be crazy but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t slow down once the calendar hits December 26. I think the best thing we can do when our new to-do list is a little overwhelming is look for the positives and right now for me those include;
1. A child that is young enough to not notice if I get rid of a bunch of her old toys to make room for the new ones
2. The joy on said child’s face as she explores these new plays things
3. Another year of memories made with loved ones
4. New beginnings as we’re in the last week of this year which is definitely bittersweet but for me it’s motivational knowing the blank slate that is the new year. Heck, just the thought of planning to eat healthier makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

So if anyone else is struggling to catch up today, take a minute to reflect on the long weekend and what you’re thankful for. Fix you a cup of coffee and prioritize what all you need to do so you won’t be scrambling to complete 50 tasks all at once. We all survived Christmas and for that we can take a deep breath in relief.

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8 thoughts on “The Truth About December 26”

  1. I have found December 26th to be a little bit depressing my whole life. It’s kind of a bummer after something you looked forward to and planned for a while is over. I think it’s good to focus on the positives that we can take away from the season, and I am glad someone else is talking about it. Now I’m going to go tackle the mound of dishes in my sink… with a positive attitude!

  2. I always found that after the big build-up towards Christmas, Boxing Day and the next couple of days were a bit anti-climactic. It helps to have at least one activity planned for the day, especially something the kids can participate in.

    BTW, lots of parents get their kids involved in cleaning out the toy chest to make room for the new gifts. I love the idea of setting out a box with a note from Santa, asking the kids to help out by donating toys they no longer play with. It teaches kids to be charitable and to make choices about the things they really need and want. That’s an important lesson they’ll carry with them as they grow 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing! Now I know I’m not alone. Honestly I am exhausted today. I have picked up a little, but mostly I have just spent the day relaxing and enjoying the quiet moments.

  4. This is so true! I always see Christmas as the goal line (or New Years or whatever other event that’s coming up) and then the day after hits, and I completely crash and become overwhelmed. Thanks for the reminder to just take a moment and think about all the things that I have to be grateful for – the mess will get taken care of eventually 🙂

  5. Wow! What a wonderful way to allow others to stop and reflect what the Holidays and Christmas are about. This allows time for things to slow down. I love it!

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