Why it’s Important to Rest in Early Labor

I know it’s exciting when you know for sure that you’re in early labor, whether you’re experiencing mild contractions or have bloody show. Sometimes early labor can last for days or even weeks. By this point you’re so ready to meet that sweet baby you’ll do almost anything to speed it up but If you’re able to ignore your symptoms, I definitely suggest doing so.

The best thing for your body during mild contractions is to rest while you can. Actually falling asleep may make them fizzle out, which appears discouraging, but trust me, your body knows what it’s doing.

Contractions cause your uterus to dilate, which is what you want to happen, but if you fixate on the frequency of them too soon instead of resting, it’ll be like walking in circles. You’ll want to consume the energy you have now for once you are in active labor. If you jump up as soon as the first cramps occur and start walking laps and psyching yourself out, it can irritate your uterus to where you’ll be having contractions but not dilating enough to be considered in active labor.

There’s nothing more discouraging than running to the hospital when you’ve been contracting for what feels like forever only to be turned away when you’re not progressing enough to be admitted. Providing your body with rest at the beginning will encourage the contractions to gain more momentum each time they come back.

Along with resting physically, you have every right at this point to silence your phone from all of the, “baby yet?” messages that you’re going to be getting. The only people who need to know your progress are the ones you choose to tell, babies (most of the time) come when they’re ready and updating each individual who asks is an exhausting task in itself. This is especially true for moms who are past their due date, people feel it’s their duty to force upon you ways to induce labor that you’ve already been told by everyone else but hold tight, you’ll be holding that little one before you know it.

The best thing to do in labor is to surrender to it and let your body take control, this counts for all stages. Fighting against it from the beginning doesn’t benefit your body for the final leap of pushing. So if you’re starting to feel bearable contractions, please get some rest, this may be the last time you get to for a while.

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