Christmas Gifts for Non Gift People

Women can be hard to shop for for Christmas, especially ones who say, “don’t get me anything” or “I don’t need anything”.

There’s a rare type of women out there, myself included, who just aren’t gift people. I’m not into labels and usually if I see something that I like that’s a decent price, I get it myself instead of asking someone else to go back and get it for me.

I get joy from spending time with my husband and daughter and express love by the things I do for them. I realize people who are gift oriented still enjoy time with their loved ones but I thought I’d write this for those of you married to people like me.

  • Make them something

I should disclaim here that my husband is a carpenter so he’s been able to make me tables or furniture for my birthdays and Christmases.

If you’re not as confident in this area, don’t just open a closet and grab something like an old mix tape from an ex like Chandler did on Friends when him and Monica said they’d do homemade Valentines gifts.

You can still write them a heartfelt card and have someone else make them whatever piece you think they’d like so they’re still getting something customized. There are a lot of small business crafters on Etsy looking to assist you.


  • Complete something that’s inconvenient

Does their car need serviced or the dog need groomed? If your wife manages the household, take care of some of the tasks that may require leaving or take up more time so you’re freeing up their schedule down the road. Please also acknowledge when doing this how much you appreciate all they do to make sure things run smoothly, trust me they appreciate what you do as well and the free time down the road may be gifted back to you..if you catch my drift


  • Antique store/2nd hand find

People who aren’t into labels may appreciate something “vintage” more than the latest craze. I went to a local Salvation Army the other day and found a few really great pictures to hang on the wall and some cute Christmas decorations, just make sure it’s in good shape.


  • A way to pamper/self care

Get them a gift card to a hair & nail salon and keep the kids while they enjoy it. You could even talk to her girlfriends about scheduling a night out so she’s getting to enjoy company that doesn’t rely on her to wipe their nose.


  • One on one time

Women can feel like they pour themselves out so much on other people, you could set aside a day, night, or whole weekend where the 2 of you turn off your phones and talk to each other but make sure to really listen to what she has to say


I hope this helps some of you who are at a loss with what to get your loved one, let me know in the comments if you have other ideas or if you try some of my suggestions and wives, feel free to share 😉

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts for Non Gift People”

  1. I have a person in my life who is a non gift person, I now take them on experiences or adventures like a sporadic road trip, or tickets to an outdoor festival, the experience is always appreciated way more than a traditional “gift”.
    Great post and thank you for sharing these great ideas!

  2. My husband did something like this a couple of years ago and it is still my favorite gift from him. I still need to cash in a few of these things.

  3. Yessss this is SOO me!! I don’t care for gifts but quality time and little notes for me go a long way. Thank you for remember us non-gift people.

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