Dollar Tree Activity

I’ve been beating myself up lately for not posting as much as I want to be. I’m a list person and I have a list on my phone of blog topics that need written out. Something I did post about recently is that I’m currently working out a notice at my full time job so very soon I will, Lord willing, have more time to post.

I did want to share this activity I did with Mia that only costed us a whopping 4 quarters (plus tax), an activity some might think I’m crazy for having done.

2 things you’ll learn about me, I love Dollar Tree and I love saving money so the fact that I only dropped a dollar on something fun for Mia was a win win.

In the crafts section, they have these finger paints with four colors in one package, which just the package entertained my 15 month old while we shopped.

Mia’s too young right now to understand how to properly use finger paints so I thought it’d be fun to put her in a spot where the mess could easily be cleaned up, the bathtub.

I put down some tan wrapping paper I already have with a paper plate to set the paints on.

I will disclaim that we don’t plan on keeping this tub when we eventually sell our house so I wasn’t super worried that the colors would stain but they actually didn’t!

I think this would also be fun in the summer outside in a baby pool with the hose nearby.

It didn’t take long for Mia to dive right in and make a mess

For us, Saturday’s are currently the only days where we spend a significant amount of time at home so switching things up is a fun break from her usual toys.

And for anyone wondering, yes it did wash off both the baby and the tub. Over all, it was a fun little activity!

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