Why Publix is a Pleasure for Parents

As if Publix doesn’t have enough of a positive reputation for their above and beyond customer service, they’re extremely helpful for busy parents. Any mom on a new or tight schedule/budget may not have time to hop from grocery store to grocery store so making as minimal stops as possible is key. I’ve found Publix meets my needs 9 out of 10 times since becoming a parent and here’s why. 

1. They’re Shipt compatible
Using Shipt can take away having to schedule a trip to the store altogether. You can have Publix groceries conveniently delivered to your home by using their app. This app syncs with what’s available at your local Publix and includes what’s currently on sale that week. Memberships can also be purchased as gifts, which would be perfect to get for an expecting mother. My daughter had a stomach bug one time and I was able to order some Pedialyte to have delivered to our house.

photo links to shipt.com

2. Publix brands are legit
I already was a big fan of shopping their weekly BOGO sales but once I had to start getting diapers, I became strategic about which brands saved money but would still hold up well. If you like good quality items and saving money, the Publix brand of baby products is awesome. It’s hard to tell a difference between them and the name brand, which is difficult to come by when choosing generic. I buy the Publix brand of baby wash that compares to Aveeno and it smells AMAZING. I even like using it myself. Here are some price comparisons from my local store;

3. Publix baby club
Publix offers membership for free to their baby club. Upon joining, they mail you a book called Your Baby’s First Year which is a great (literally, huge) reference guide for new parents to have around. This membership also includes coupons, a free newsletter, and pregnancy/baby/toddler related articles on their website.

photo links to publix.com/babyclub

Little things can add up when choosing where to spend your hard-earned cash. For me, Publix is a keeper.

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