First Trimester Survival

It’s proven that more babies are born in July, August, September, & October than the winter and spring months, this means a lot of people out there are just now finding out they’re pregnant or will be getting pregnant in the next few months.  My daughter was born in July so I got a positive pregnancy test at the very beginning of November. I’ve put together some survival tips for getting through those first few months.

Download a pregnancy app

Whenever I would hit a new week, as soon as I woke up, I’d grab my phone to check what new produce my baby was. Not only do they track milestones but they have great articles on tips for the stage of pregnancy you’re in.

Take it day by day

Figure out what settles your stomach and stick to that. Ginger ale did it for me so much so, that once I was feeling completely better I couldn’t even touch it because I related it with nausea. I clung to that stuff for my life while I was getting through those rough patches.

Visualize each next milestone

If you’re stressed about it being too early in the pregnancy to celebrate, try to picture yourself further into the pregnancy. Imagine your baby bump, what the kicks will feel like, or all the clothes you’ll have to sort after the shower. Be proud for having made it this far, conception is tricky to accomplish, enjoy the life inside of you. Stress is not good for you or your little poppy seed. Something you can do to put your mind at ease is as soon as you do find out you’re pregnant, call your OB’s office and request a BETA test. They’ll draw blood to check your HCG and progesterone levels and then they’ll draw them again 24 hours later to make sure everything is progressing the way it should.

Don’t overeat on holidays

If turkey doesn’t sound good, don’t eat it. Getting sick off of Thanksgiving or Christmas food is not how those foods should be remembered.  If all you want right now is Saltines and Powerade, enjoy those and don’t feel guilty about it. See what can be frozen so if you do crave some dressing or a certain casserole once you are feeling better, eat it then!  You’re pregnant, you can get away with eating random foods at random times.

Enjoy the holidays with your current household

If this is your first baby make sure to soak up this time with your spouse as a family of 2 and if you have older kids, make it extra special before there will be another addition next year.

Say no if you have to

Exhaustion is high in the first few months as your body adjusts to rapidly growing a human. If you’re invited to multiple holiday parties and won’t have time to rest much in between, don’t feel bad if you can’t make it. Or to add some ease to the ones you do go to, opt for bringing something store-bought instead of investing the time and energy into a homemade dish.

Slowly start stocking up on summer maternity clothes

There may still be some summer clearance clothes somewhere like Target, go ahead and snag some! They won’t be this cheap once spring comes around, you may even find a good deal on a maternity swimsuit. You’ll thank me in June when all you want to spend your money on is baby clothes.

Anyone who did just find out they’re pregnant, congratulations! Your body is performing a miracle and you’re the perfect home for them right now.

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2 thoughts on “First Trimester Survival”

  1. Which pregnancy app do you recommend? I found a lot offer so much “mainstream” info and little info for families who go “against the grain” if that makes sense..

    1. Hey Jaimie, great question! I used Ovia but would do more research beyond their articles. My favorite source is The Baby Chick, she has a lot of great techniques for all approaches 🙂

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