If we planned for our births the way we do weddings



Weddings are said to be the biggest day of your life, which is understandable, but that doesn’t mean nothing after that day shares importance to deserve such preparation. 

I don’t think all mothers intentionally avoid planning for the day their child enters this world but I do know pregnancy brain is a thing and there’s already so much going on when getting ready for the baby’s arrival but so little effort goes into the actual birth.

People hire wedding planners to take the load off of the bride but what if it was the norm to hire birth planners and/or doulas to make pregnancy, labor, 4th trimester, & breastfeeding easier on the mom? A friend of mine said once, “you’re sent home with more paperwork on a new car than what the hospital gives you to take home with your baby.” So much stress can be avoided if moms reach out to those trained on these specifics.

Here’s a taste of what I think it would be like;

Congratulations, you’re expecting!! You’re going to make a wonderful mother and you’re doing a great job already by providing the perfect home for that beautiful baby! Until the big day, I’ll be available for any questions you may have or any support you may need.


First things first, have you chosen a venue, where are you going to have the baby? You don’t have to use the obstetrician you’ve gone to since you were a teenager, would you like some references and statistics on other practices or of some midwives if you’re considering a home birth? I can help you with that.


Have you picked out a photographer for your announcement, gender reveal, maternity pictures? I know a great one I can direct you to.


Instead of a cake tasting, we’ll sign up for a breastfeeding class taught by a lactation consultant. I have one I recommend or we can find others.


We’ll be meeting a few times before the birth to come up with an in-depth birth plan to follow as a goal for how you want the day to go. We’ll try to stick as close to it as we can and have some backup steps for “just in case” situations.


We’ll also make a plan for after the baby is here to make sure you don’t feel forgotten and so that something important doesn’t get forgotten.


Are you booking a babymoon? This may be the last time you and your man get to have a romantic getaway for a while. I can send your hubby some links for him to make the arrangements so that you just have to show up and relax!


Check out this article of dads in the delivery room, would you like me to try to capture a picture his first look at the baby?  29 Magical Photos of Dads in the Delivery Room


For the “first dance”, we can put together a playlist of songs you want to hear during labor.


A guest list is also important so I can know who to text once the baby is here and be one less thing you have to worry about.


Want to make sure you have all of the important stuff on your registry and avoid anything unnecessary? I can help you with that.


I can help with so much to achieve your goals of a purposeful pregnancy and delivery while helping set the stage in preparing you for motherhood. Every woman deserves to feel special during the most transitional time of her life and I’d love to be the one making sure that happens. If you’re expecting and interested in meeting with me to map out the months to come, you can email me at erinmanessthedoula@gmail.com or call/text me at (205) 356-1234

I also provide virtual birth plans for anyone in another state to chat about what your goals or questions are for labor.

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